Friday, 23 March 2012

Aloe Vera for Hair

If you want to promote hair growthaloe vera gel is the perfect recipe. You can make a natural shampoo of this wonderful plant. If not, you can use the gel as a conditioner after shampooing. There are a number of enzymes in the gel of aloe vera, which are responsible for promoting hair growth. These enzymes are also responsible for controlling hair loss. In addition, many of scalp problems like dandruff, itching and dryness are also reduced and finally stopped with the regular use of aloevera gel. All you need to do to get very fancy, shiny hair is the application of some of this gel on the scalp near the hair roots, 
before taking a shower. Keep it for about an hour and then rinse. For best results, always recommended to apply the gel on the hair clean. Wash your hair and when hair is semi dry, apply the gel and leave it for an hour. Do not damage your hair, so if you can, you can leave for more than an hour as well. Wash and dry with a towel. The regular use of aloe vera gel for hair will certainly help in hair growth. These are just some of the benefits of aloe vera gel. Try these to get wonderful results.

Like most other hair treatments, you need to use aloe vera for hair over a sustained period of time to observe any improvement in your condition. 

After applying for about 2-3 months at a stretch, you will notice fresh growth in your hair. 

The cells will be stimulated and your hair will begin to be nourished and grow thicker and healthier after that. 

Dandruff: A natural cure for dandruff is a mixture of lemon, aloe vera and some essential oils. 1 lemon, 1/2 cup of aloe vera gel, and some essential oils can work wonders on an itchy scalp. If you feel you will not be able to prepare this at home. Look for shampoos or hair creams with these ingredients. Hair Loss: Hair loss is usually caused by a chemical reaction to some animal fat or protein. Try to watch your diet and set up an exercise routine. Aloe vera does not induce hair growth but it prevents hair falling and soothes the scalp. A traditional shampoo consisting of a small amount of wheat germ oil, 1 cup aloe vera and some coconut milk acts as a great shampoo. But if you cannot prepare this shampoo in your house, look for these ingredients when buying a shampoo.
Balding: Balding can be because of external or internal sources. If the balding is patchy and concentrated on a single place, visit a physician to get to know what the problems are. Aloe vera can prevent balding by restoring the pH balance and inducing stronger hair follicles. You can apply aloe vera as a conditioner after wash and leave it for a few minutes and rinse your hair.
Dryness and roughness: Dryness and roughness is probably the most prevalent problem in today's world. Hair when exposed to pollutants and foreign particles tends to break and fall. Even sun exposure can cause hair loss. An aloe vera conditioner can work wonders with this problem. This gel is soothing and cooling. Therefore it can be used after shampooing or you can use a stabilized aloe vera gel available in the market as a leave on gel.
Losing sheen: Hair after a particular age tends to lose sheen and becomes dull. Aloe vera can be used to get back that sheen. You can mix aloe vera with any skin care gel (1/2 any gel and 1 aloe vera gel) to give you a sheen that lasts all day and in the process provides nourishment to your hair. Aloe vera is known to be in use for a very long time. It is said that the secret of Cleopatra's beauty was aloe vera. Although aloe vera is safe and natural, some people have an allergy to aloe vera. It is always safe to consult a doctor and get yourself tested before using aloe vera, just to be on the safe side.

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